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Device as a Service & Cloud Services

Cloud solutions to digitally transform your business & revolutionary new ways to procure IT

Shake up the way you procure, secure

and manage your IT fleet

Simplify your IT environment and cut costs with Device as a Service (Daas) and Cloud Services delivered by HP Partner, Landscape. Providing a fast, cost-effective way to procure, implement and manage new tech, Landscape’s Cloud managed solutions streamline the way you and your teams work.

With Device as a Service benefits that include the latest Win 10 ready technology and hardware refreshes you’ll amp up productivity. Having the most up-to-date technology also helps you attract and retain tech-savvy millennials and other skilled talent that expect to use the best tech tools at work. Fully scalable, with access to the latest software and IT security, our Cloud-based services help you stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

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Device as a Service

The world of work is changing, and fast. DaaS by Xeretec provides employees with the latest technology and security without upfront capital outlay or the burden of IT management. Device as a Service benefits also include insightful analytics into usage patterns to help you make ongoing efficiency and productivity gains.

Cloud Services

Every business is on a journey to the Cloud. Whatever stage you are at, your company’s IT infrastructure affects your security, connectivity and productivity. We’re here to guide you through the digital transformation, from initial planning through to implementation and license fine-tuning.

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