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Enhance patient security & reduce costs with industry-leading Managed Services

We understand healthcare providers’ IT challenges

We understand the daily challenges that you face. Our team of analysts, technology, and project management experts work with healthcare professionals across the country to deliver and manage essential technology infrastructure, hardware and digital service projects critical to patient care, such as:

  • Improving the security and confidentiality of data both in the clinical environment and operationally
  • Migrating legacy applications to windows 10
  • Helping you relieve the pressure on patient flow and speed of work
  • Managing the scale and complexity of any mass refresh project

Landscape Solutions for Healthcare

The world’s most secure printers and personal computing systems help ensure higher levels of security for protecting patient information, as well as complying with government requirements. We combine this leading technology with Landscape expertise in managed service provision and experience
with local CCGs and NHS Trusts.

HP Managed Print Services

Print security is more than document security. Today’s threats require attention to data in-transit and endpoint devices on the network. HP printing security can help you stay a step ahead.

HP Healthcare Edition Devices

Easy, repeatable sanitisation and enhanced with optional integrated authentication features and collaboration tools available now via Device as a Service – a new way to procure your IT fleet.

HP PageWide Technology

HP PageWide printing technology has met cleanroom certification standards for use in surgical centers and other hospital locations where cleanroom standards are required.

Health Care Edition Devices

Specialist HP Healthcare Edition devices – built to address the unique requirements of healthcare providers. Now available from DaaS by Xeretec

Case study – University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust

Big changes. Limited Funds

After years of underinvestment, UHL faced challenges from its ageing technology. Slow devices were holding doctors and nurses back and cutting down on the time they could spend with patients.

UHL needed to modernise its technology in a way that worked for clinicians and improved patient care. Critically it needed to do this without disrupting the operations of a busy hospital.

It also had had to maximise a budget that could only go so far. On top of this, the Trust needed a platform that would continue to give staff access to the latest technology to keep performance high. All whilst delivering cost savings over the long term.

Find out how we helped the trust overcome these challenges.


“Our clinicians really like the technology because it allows them to work flexibly, quick and safely”
– Jon Clarke, CIO, UHL NHS Trust

Case study – Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Landscape, through the CCS Framework RM1599 and in partnership with HP, were awarded the Managed Print Service contract at Dorset County Hospital NHS FoundationTrust in 2016.

The Challenge
Dorset were looking to refresh their fleet and implement a more secure solution linked to the Trusts Electronic Patient Records System. They also needed to implement the new solutions in a short time frame, across seven sites which included service critical devices.

A secure solution
Landscape worked in partnership with the Trust to
conduct the audit, design the new fleet and manage implementation to a tight project plan. In  fact, it took Landscape only seven weeks from the moment of first engagement with the Trust, to the
new fleet being installed.

“Since moving over to the HP Managed Print Service with Landscape, we have been able to run a better and more predictable service for our users across the Trust, whilst at the same time reducing the costs we were paying under our previous contract.
The tools and support offered by Landscape aided our deployment and further management of the trust’s print infrastructure to provide
ongoing cost savings while still providing a first class service to users. In an environment where the demand is high, yet the budget is low,
Landscape’s Managed Print Service provides exceptional value for

– Duncan Cary, ICT Senior Technical Support Specialist, Dorset County 
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

SteelCentral Aternity

Aternity is a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution that benchmarks and assesses the experience of any person interacting with an organisation’s digital resources. It is ideal for strategic, informed IT professionals who wish to shine a light on IT current effectiveness and find potential issues plus remedies across a complex estate of cloud, on premises, remote web connected and mobile platforms. Unlike point based solutions which look at component elements such as the device, the OS / local applications, the network or server-based applications and databases, Aternity benchmarks what the user sees, and highlights anomalies across every aspect of the IT Ecosystem. It is perfect for tracking IT performance enhancements pre and post deployment, identifying unknown variables, and creating powerful fact-based metrics for IT investment business cases and managing SLA’s for outsourcing.

Juniper –  Mist Systems

Offering New Life to Care Providers with AI-driven WiFi

Offering New Life to Care Providers with AI

Mist is the first vendor to use Artificial Intelligence to make Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable for healthcare. Setup is easy, with automated operations that let you focus on clinical operations and patient care instead of troubleshooting.

The Mist learning WLAN delivers the best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE experiences for doctors, nurses, and patients. Mist enables wireless mobility for mobile caregivers and interconnected networks for life saving medical equipment with a state of the art digital platform. 

Mist also drives staff and patient engagement through BLE location services. 

Mist at a glance

  • Ensure a consistent experience across multiple generations of devices and clients
  • Predict problems before they arise
  • Mist Access Points are state of the art, designed for reliability in high density and challenging RF environments

  • Predictable and reliable Wi-Fi: Set, monitor, and enforce levels for doctors, nurses, and patients
  • Proactive operations: Automatically identify and fix wired/wireless/device problems using machine learning
  • Minimize Wi-Fi costs: Focus on things that matter; eliminate onsite visits with dynamic packet capture

Bluetooth engagement services

  • Deliver indoor location-based services to your mobile devices, such as turn-by- turn directions and contextually relevant messages.
  • Greet patients when they arrive and accelerate check-in processes.
  • Help doctors and nurses get to the right patient more quickly.

Bluetooth asset visibility Service

  • Get full visibility into people and things using standards-based Bluetooth LE
  • Ensure medical equipment is where it is needed most
  •  Locate key personnel and assets
  • Monitor visits and dwell times,,with detailed drill down into zone traffic patterns and congestion points.

Juniper Networks

Of all the cybercrime armies currently battling with businesses, none conjures concern, even fear, among healthcare leaders like those behind ransomware. In recent years, healthcare organizations have made headlines after being hit by malicious hacks that lock down infected machines and systems until payment has been procured, usually using cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Consider just a few recent examples where the malware crippled NHS operation and infrastructure.

The need for a stronger security posture is undergoing more consideration at the executive level as IT infrastructures are expanded to keep up with patient and provider demands. The same technologies that can be a competitive advantage can also make these organizations more susceptible to cyberattacks. This is forcing healthcare leaders to develop new strategies and enforce best practices around:

  • Extended networks (including public and private Wi-Fi)
  • Mobile health (including devices and applications to improve workflows and patient care)
  • Internet of Things (the proliferation of “smart” devices that extract and deliver data via the Internet)
  • Cloud-based technologies and services (which greatly expand application, computation and storage possibilities)

Technology providers are developing new frameworks and advanced response tools to help healthcare customers better combat cyberthreats, including APTs and ransomware. One example is Juniper Networks’ unified security platform called the Software Defined Security Network (SDSN).

The SDSN framework includes three key elements:

  • Advanced detection technologies
  • Adaptive policy engines that communicate beyond firewalls to switches and routers, and using natural language if needed, not just IP addresses or ports
  • Expands the enforcement device ecosystem beyond firewalls, to include switches and routers

Why HP?

HP has a long tradition of innovation and commitment to healthcare. Our decades of experience, together with the solutions and services we’ve built for healthcare, can simplify secure communication, collaboration, and access to relevant data and services at the point of care. With HP, providers will be better able to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality, patient-centered care, and advance your policies and initiatives.

BLI honors HP as a Top Provider of Healthcare Solutions in their first-ever PaceSetter Awards in 2017. HP is specifically recognised for:

  • Excellent line-up of MFPs and printers to suit any medical office’s needs.
  • Full portfolio of tablets, laptop PCs, desktop PCs, displays, and other computing devices to handle healthcare-specific and general-office computing tasks.

Why Landscape?

HP Partner FIrst Platinum Landscape is the dedicated HP specialist division of the Xeretec Group, one of Europe’s largest, most successful and fastest growing independent Managed Print Specialists. It was named as one of the most inspirational 1,000 Mid-sized businesses in Europe by the London Stock Exchange Group in September 2017. The Group employs over 300 staff and produces revenues approaching £80M per annum. Amongst its management team are many former HP Senior Executives. Landscape counts many global brands amongst its Managed Print Services customer base.

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