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Thermographic Temperature Screening for the Hospitality Industry

Learn how to keep guests and staff safe & regain customer confidence with thermographic screening

We understand that working to regain customer confidence and guest numbers during re-opening comes with a unique set of challenges, we’d like to share our personal insight into the work we have undertaken with other similar hotels in your sector where we have achieved some great successes so far. We have been fortunate to have been selected as the global providers for many well-known organisations who want to bring confidence back for their guests across the world and mitigate risk in these uncertain times.

Over the past few weeks, it has been our privilege to organise support for world-famous luxury train services and hotels / properties around the world as they re-open their high quality, high class establishments.

We have provided guidance on simple, unobtrusive, self-service guest and staff thermographic screening working alongside the world’s leading technology manufacturer and innovator in this field.

Set-up of this technology can take just minutes in the right experienced hands, all GDPR aspects are covered, accuracy is astonishingly good, and no PPE equipment or getting in close proximity of guests is required. All in keeping with a beautifully simple, respectfully discrete process of greeting people and making their stay as comforting and welcoming as possible, whilst offering another level of reassurance that their welfare is top of the priority.

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