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Why partner with us?

Landscape operate on the NEPA framework – designed to encompass all consortium members’ print hardware and managed print requirements under one agreement

Institutions are overwhelmed by documents, forms and data. The ever-increasing number of printers, copiers, mobile devices and more makes it even more difficult to control the flood of information – not to mention control costs and support green initiatives. From science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to the humanities, from administrators to teachers, HP education solutions address IT challenges and maximise learning and create meaningful outcomes.

Landscape Managed Services for education bridges the gaps between your systems and endpoint devices, connecting staff, students and administrators with the information they need, at the moment they need it.


Landscape Solutions for Education

HP Managed Print Services

Our HP managed print service (MPS) enable you to gain control of your complex print environment allowing automatic ink/toner ordering. As institutions increasingly search for savings in overheads and the Landscape Group have excelled by providing unique cost effective Managed Print Solutions.

Cloud Services

Every customer is on a different stage of their journey to the Cloud. Your organisation may be at the very start, weighing up the associated business and technical benefits. Or perhaps you have already made the move to the Cloud and simply want to ensure you are maximising the benefits through employee adoption and business continuity. 

Device as a Service

HP designs and builds learning devices that can survive in the classroom and beyond. Accelerate your day-to-day tasks and make even your hardest tasks a breeze. With premium materials and modern designs, they’re beautiful complements to your campus

Managing your print environment

Managing your printers and copiers without raising costs or compromising security is a challenge. Learn the facts on the security risks, costs and
environmental impact of print in education.

From Foundation to Masters in MPS

Sourcing print infrastructure that can handle the challenges in higher education isn’t simple. It’s got to be secure, sustainable and within a tight budget.

You can tackle all three of these challenges with Managed Print Services (MPS). Get the infographic to see how we can help

40% of European companies switch provider at the end of contracts – we have a 90% retention rate

Case studies

University of York

Landscape (Part of the Xeretec Group) partnered with University of York to provide HP Managed Print Services. Delivering a 24% reduction in print costs, brand new HP technology and lower overall c02 emissions. Find out how here.


Portsmouth Grammar School

The Portsmouth Grammar School has renewed its MPS contract with Landscape to upgrade to the HP PageWide Pro series range New printers boast great quality at amazing speeds while default duplex printing will reduce print volumes by half.

SteelCentral Aternity

Deliver a superior on-campus experience

Digital transformation is in full swing within education, increasing the pressure on IT teams. The average HE staff or student user has access to a vast and varied Cloud App portfolio and both user groups can rely on more than three different devices throughout the day. IT requires visibility into end user experience to ensure that cloud, mobile, and virtualisation initiatives deliver the expected gains in staff and student productivity. The SteelCentral Aternity Agent is a very small background service which monitors the end user experience by measuring application performance, device performance, and end user details.

Aternity enables you to:

  • Track license utilisation by discovering every Windows, web, and cloud application used and automatically identifying usage by user location, department – allowing you  to reduce IT costs through removing licences that are not utilised.
  • Resolve problems quickly and proactively with instant insight into the performance and health of every endpoint (e.g. laptop) and application.
  • Analyse the impact of application performance, sending automatic alerts to the service desk when performance deviates from the norm.
  • Quickly resolve campus-wide problems by automatically identifying common issues and which users are affected
  • Troubleshoot issues proactively and non-invasively
  • Validate the impact of change by analysing how upgrades to applications, devices, or network infrastructure that can affect end user IT experiences.

Juniper –  Mist Systems

The Mist Learning WLAN delivers the best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® LE experiences for staff and students

Current wireless architectures, which take a manual network-centric approach to wireless, lack the scale, flexibility, and insight to support the needs of this new smart era in mobility.
Mist provides the first AI-driven wireless platform that automates Wi-Fi operations, gives visibility into the Wi-Fi user experience, and delivers high accuracy Bluetooth location services without requiring battery beacons. In addition, Mist is the first vendor to bring Enterprise grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLE) and IoT together to deliver personalised, location-based wireless services.
The same platform used for business-critical Wi-Fi delivers highly contextual location services using enterprise grade BLE.

Both of the above operations are managed via Mist’s cloud infrastructure for maximum scalability, agility and performance.

The Mist Learning Wireless LAN (WLAN) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify Wi-Fi operations, deliver amazing location-based experiences with virtual Bluetooth LE, and provide invaluable insight into shopper traffic patterns.

What Mist Delivers

High-performance WLAN:
Provide high-density, high-performance Wi-Fi for students, teachers, and staff and guest access for parents and visitors.

Find open classrooms, conference rooms, and quiet rooms across campus. Guided tours help new students and parents find their way around. Provide navigation specifically for disabled students.

Proximity Messaging:
Help students stay on schedule with location-aware alerts for upcoming classes, the time it takes to get there from their current location, and navigation. Locate the closest campus restaurant, shop, or cafe.

Better understand traffic flows at on-campus facilities and provide user information, such as real-time cafe line wait times.

High performance, reduced emissions

An optimised imaging and printing environment delivers benefits across campus. Energy and paper-saving technologies can help reduce environmental impact and costs. Improved management can increase reliability and boost productivity. And convenient recycling ensures that you can responsibly dispose of unwanted hardware and supplies.
Our Managed Print Services offer end-to-end services and solutions to transform your print environment. You can better meet your environmental goals and even lower your operating and IT overhead costs by as much as 30%

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    HP Managed Devices

    Managing your printers and copiers without raising costs or compromising security is a challenge. That’s where HP & Landscape help: With a new line of A3 MFPs and printers and a suite of services to fit your needs, you can take your mind off printing and focus on the rest of your day.

    The world’s most secure printing

    Affordable colour printing

    Give workgroups the speed they need

    Accelerate workflow, improve accuracy, and easily integrate with document workflow processes.


    PaperCut – cut waste, track printing, save money

    Monitor and control your print environment remotely and find out who’s printing what, when and where with Papercut. With tools that enable you to track print activity, change user behaviour, and assign quotas or budgets to users or departments, Papercut helps rein in bad print behaviour, tighten security and control costs.


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