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Reinventing the customer experience.

Why we partner with us

Our retail solutions allow you to streamline back-office processes to help drive down costs, protect consumer information, improve the buying experience and build a brand recognised for service leadership.

Landscape Solutions for Retail

Building customer loyalty is first and foremost about the brand experience – across all channels. Make a statement without saying a word and allow your brand to standout with technology that offers aesthetically appealing designs and innovation without compromising on the stability and reliability that you depend on to run your business. With the right tools to personalise the experience, you’ll keep your customers coming back.

Digitise your document intensive processes and pave the way for transformative change. Landscape’s portfolio of retail solutions can help increase employee productivity, secure sensitive information and improve customer experience.

WiFi & location Services with Mist by Juniper

The Mist Learning WLAN delivers the best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® LE experiences for shoppers and employees.

Juniper Networks Secure Retail Solutions

Dramatically lower the total cost of ownership of your fleet with HP Managed printers & MFPs.

SteelCentral Aternity - Digital Experience Monitoring

Increase security, improve workflows and reduce cost overheads with Landscape & HP Managed Print Services.

Device as a Service

Empower your workforce with the latest tech and enterprise security without upfront capital investment or demands on your IT team

Juniper –  Mist Systems

The Mist Learning WLAN delivers the best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® LE experiences for shoppers and employees.

Current wireless architectures, which take a manual network-centric approach to wireless, lack the scale, flexibility, and insight to support the needs of this new smart era in mobility.
Mist provides the first AI-driven wireless platform that automates Wi-Fi operations, gives visibility into the Wi-Fi user experience, and delivers high accuracy Bluetooth location services without requiring battery beacons. In addition, Mist is the first vendor to bring Enterprise grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLE) and IoT together to deliver personalised, location-based wireless services.
The same platform used for business-critical Wi-Fi delivers highly contextual location services using enterprise grade BLE.

Both of the above operations are managed via Mist’s cloud infrastructure for maximum scalability, agility and performance.

The Mist Learning Wireless LAN (WLAN) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify Wi-Fi operations, deliver amazing location-based experiences with virtual Bluetooth LE, and provide invaluable insight into shopper traffic patterns.

With access to such detailed presence analytics, brick-and-mortar businesses can strategically refine operations, bridging the gap between online and offline business.

In-store uses

Business-Critical Wireless:
Provide high-density, high-performance Wi-Fi for guest use and store operations.

Find a specific department or location of a product in-store. Ask for a sales associate to help you. Find the shortest checkout line.

Proximity Messaging:
Notify shoppers in-store when items purchased are ready for pickup. Greet loyal customers as they arrive with a special offer. Deliver relevant product information, such as a short video, while a customer is looking at the product in-store.

Learn how many customers came into a store at a given time, where they spent the most time, and more.

SteelCentral Aternity

Deliver a superior customer experience

Digital transformation is disrupting business models across all industries, especially retail, which has been at the forefront of digital transformation for more than a decade. The model, reliant on a physical store for customer interaction and transaction, has transformed into one that blends the digital and physical worlds into an omni-channel environment— the ultimate goal to deliver a seamless customer experience. Traditional retailers are constantly evaluating the viability of physical stores in many locations while simultaneously attempting to create new customer channels.

They are embracing online channels while attempting to maximize the value of bricks and mortar stores. Online sales are increasing often at the expense of in-store revenue.

User-centric approach
To facilitate great customer experiences, IT must take a user-centric approach to end user experience management. Just as the customer is at the center of omnichannel retailing, the end user must be at the center of performance monitoring strategies with an aim to boost retention and satisfaction.

This requires the ability to ensure excellent end user experience for all of the applications and any of the devices on which a customer relies for their purchase decision. Web and mobile are just a start. End user experience monitoring must also extend to the point-of-sale (POS) applications at kiosks and at registers in the stores and customer relationship management (CRM) apps used in contact centers.

What does Aternity offer?
Aternity Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) benchmarks and assesses the experience of staff and customers interacting with an organisation’s digital resources. It is ideal for strategic, informed IT professionals who wish to shine a light on IT current effectiveness and find potential issues plus remedies across a complex estate of cloud, on premises, remote web connected and mobile platforms. Unlike point based solutions which look at component elements such as the device, the OS / local applications, the

Juniper Networks Secure Retail Solutions

With Secure Retail services, enterprises can easily plan, design, deploy, and manage security at remote stores in a simple, automated, and orchestrated manner. Cloud services provide automation and rapid service provisioning to IT. As a result, Secure Retail can deliver enterprises the following benefits and features:

Unified and Adaptive Security

A complete end-to-end security model that includes unknown malware detection, command and control detection, and machine learning to reduce the risk of data exposure

Automated Provisioning and Analytics

Automated deployment, testing, and validation of the retail network with built-in analytics platform that provides a rapid response to threats, and agility to scale with applications and new stores, while reducing CapEx and OpEx costs and human errors.

Risk Management Strategy

Integrated compliance to external standards [Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)] and audit reporting service provide an ongoing risk and security posture analysis.

Evolutionary Planning

Provides a road map to drive towards a future enterprise strategy and vision around software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and intent-based networking systems (IBNS). By consolidating all physical network functions and providing a unified pane of management to reduce truck roll costs, enterprises can easily plan and deploy services with minimal effort.

Device as a Service

Device as a Service offers a simple and cost effective method of procuring and implementing new in-store technology whilst delivering a modern user experience.

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