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Thermal Screening

Learn how to increase staff & visitor confidence

As part of the back to work programme, organisations around the world are deploying temperature screening of staff, pupils and visitors. With one of the possible symptoms of COVID-19 being an elevated temperature, contactless, accurate and safe thermal screening is now being integrated as a vital part of the solution.

This not only offers the first line of defence it also adds confidence that steps are being taken to ensure everything is being done to keep people safe. With most options  vailable for about £5 per working day, protection is more affordable than you might think.

Choosing what’s right for your environment

To best narrow down the right solution from our extensive portfolio of thermographic temperature
scanning solutions we have broken down selection into one of three categories:


Those being screened will pass by an entry point in a linear fashion and their temperature reading will be taken. This can include reception areas, existing entry points with access control such as sliding doors, barriers, security stations or funnelled locations where each individual will be processed in an orderly fashion.


Where you have a need for greater throughput at further distances and a wider field of view and need to scan multiple  people simultaneously, crowd scanning will  be recommended. These solutions do not require individuals to specifically go to a unit for checking but can process en-masse.


Where you need to check those entering a facility via walk through arch with the  option to also use as an advanced multi zone metal detector. Ideal for airports, stadium entrances, concert  venues, and other locations with both health and  security requirements.

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