Publish date: 14.03.23

Businesses such as solicitors’ firms, accountants, schools, architects, retail and manufacturing still rely heavily on paper. While being paperless may be your goal, it may not always attainable. But, there are steps you can take to work towards being more environmentally conscious by optimising how you manage your office printing and scanning to help reduce paper consumption and meet crucial sustainability targets.

The Benefits of Sustainable Managed Print

Busy offices generate a lot of paperwork, leading to a high level of paper consumption which can be not only be costly to you and unfriendly to the environment, it can also have an impact on business efficiency.

The benefits to you of sustainable managed print include:

  • Meeting sustainability and internal Corporate Social Responsibility targets
  • Improved security, data protection and compliance ensures adherence to GDPR, Microsoft Cyber Essentials and is a prerequisite to various accreditations.
  • Lowering costs and improving efficiency across your entire print ecosystem as part of wider business productivity and cost-saving projects
  • Keeping commitments to government-backed paperless schemes (the NHS paperless initiative for example)


What you can do to help achieve sustainability goals within your print environment

Print management tools

Reduce print waste by over 20% by implementing a print management solution across your print environment. Cut down on uncollected documents and multiple document revisions and drafts with a secure pull print solution. Introduce rules to help conserve consumables and energy, as well as helpful on-device tooltips and reminders for users on how to print more sustainably.

Genuine OEM Supplies with closed-loop recycling

Original HP Toner Cartridges have been engineered to use recycled plastic and recovered material and still meet HP’s demanding standards for quality and reliability. Recycled plastic from Original HP Toner Cartridges—returned by customers through the HP Planet Partners program—is combined with new plastic to create new Original HP Toner Cartridges.

You can contribute to the shift toward more sustainable printing by recycling your Original HP Toner Cartridges with the HP Planet Partners program, available for free throughout the UK.


PrintReleaf is a Certification System and Software Platform for Automated Global Reforestation. We can help you contribute to PrintReleaf’s global forestry system, one page at a time.

PrintReleaf measures your company’s paper consumption over time, calculates how many trees were harvested to produce the amount of paper you’ve consumed, and your paper footprint is then replanted at the forestry site of your choice.

HP Carbon Offset

Our HP Managed Print Services can be CarbonNeutral-certified in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. HP Carbon Offset is a service that we can provide that offsets the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of HP printers, HP supplies, paper, manufacturing, transportation, use, and even end of service.

HP Advanced Scanning

Make the move from paper-based to entirely digital processes with our advanced standalone or on-device scanning solutions that connect with the cloud. Our range of scanning hardware works seamlessly with productivity apps and integrate with popular business platforms.
This can dramatically simplify workflow processes, breaking down bottlenecks, improving data capture and enhancing the user experience.  All with no additional infrastructure required.

Energy-efficient and Sustainable Printers & Multifunction Devices

We work in partnership with a Global Leader in Sustainability, HP Inc, offering award-winning products and services that:

  • Are EPEAT Gold, EPA Energy Star and Blue Angel-certified
  • Have been awarded 2022–2025 Most Energy Efficient Laser A3 Brand by Buyers Lab Inc
  • Have won the BLI PaceSetter Award for Sustainability in the Office 2021-22
  • Use Jet Intelligence original toner which melts at lower temperatures delivering an average of 21% in energy savings

Want to Know More?

Landscape is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, we are ISO 14001 accredited and we are focused on driving positive change through our entire supply chain. We’re equally committed to helping you to improve your sustainability and realise your climate action goals.

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