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HP Proactive Security

Total IT security and peace of mind for less than 10p per user per day

Proactive Security is either available to further enhance the secure management capabilities of HP Device as a Service (DaaS) or as a standalone solution for your existing IT fleet. For less than 10p per user per day it provides real-time malware protection for computing endpoints, security and threat analytics to help you strengthen your company’s security position.

Proactive Security also allows you to expand the HP Sure Click protection built into select HP PCs and extend advanced protection of this proactive security service to Windows 10 devices from a variety of manufacturers.


  • Over 57% of new malware infections bypass, disable or are ignored by traditional anti-virus 57% 57%
  • 53% of companies report a shortage of cybersecurity skills 53% 53%
  • 36% of businesses experience than one serious breach or compromise a year. 36% 36%
  • Simultaneously, 3% experience such a compromise daily 3% 3%

What problems does it solve?

Zero day threats

The term “zero-day” refers to a newly discovered software vulnerability. Once a vulnerability has been established it is essentially a race between the hackers trying to gain access and the software developers trying to patch the vulnerability, however in some cases vulnerabilities are only identified once they have already been hacked.

Unknown threats

Most traditional security products are built to act based on known threats. The moment they see something that is known to be malicious, they block it. To get past security products that successfully block known threats, attackers are forced to create something that has never been seen before – These are called ‘unknown threats’.

Human error

In a security context, human error means unintentional actions – or lack of action – by employees and users that cause, spread or allow a security breach to take place. Good examples are falling for phishing, clicking on things or opening files they shouldn’t etc. Such events are inevitable and daily occurrences in almost every business.


Securing data and devices in an increasingly mobile, cloud focussed world presents significant challenges to IT. As an example security teams often feel protecting on-premise solutions is much easier than public cloud as the lack of visibility is masking security threats. It is hard to defend against an ever evolving threat if you can’t see it or understand it.

Advanced isolation technology

Protect your wider infrastructure with micro VM technology

Viruses, ransomware, and other malware continue to pose a major threat to IT infrastructure. Go beyond definition-based anti-virus solutions with real-time threat isolation technology, using micro virtual machines (VM) to contain zero-day email, browser, and file attacks and prevent them from harming your network. Users can view attachments and websites without compromising the security of your network and without interrupting their workflow or changing their behaviours.

Complete analytics and reporting included:

  • Stay informed and get a holistic view of your device protection status and detailed findings on attempted and blocked attacks with HP TechPulse—all from a one-stop dashboard.
  • HP TechPulse provides proactive management and security features including:• Device and application inventory and device and operating system health. • One-stop dashboard with inventory, incidents, and reports, system health, and proactive incident notifications.
    • Predictive analytics to identify systems at risk for disk, battery, or full-system thermal failure so action can be taken before a problem occurs.
    • Alerts for devices that are non-compliant with encryption, firewall, and antivirus policies.


Why is endpoint security so important?

Businesses face a wide range of challenges with the emerging security threat landscape. Endpoint security is critical, but current approaches are falling short. With 350,000 new malware variants released every day, protecting against these threats is increasingly challenging. Traditional, signature-based, anti-virus solutions help protect against known threats, but are ineffective against unknown, or zero-day, threats. Today, over 57% of new malware infections bypass, disable or are ignored by traditional anti-virus. Zero-day threats are four times more likely to compromise organisations.

Even when organisations have the advanced security tools they need, they do not always have the expertise or capacity to deploy and manage them effectively. One recent report indicates an estimated shortage of 3.5 million cybersecurity experts worldwide, with 53% of companies reporting a shortage of cybersecurity skills.
Many medium-sized organisations lack not just the expertise, but the budget to staff, train and deploy advanced protection solutions. Addressing the needs for endpoint security is now a major focus for IT. Right-sized for medium businesses, HP Proactive Security is a smarter solution for endpoint security.

Why HP Proactive Security?

This service helps defend against cyberattacks without changing user behavior or increasing IT’s workload. HP Proactive Security, is a managed security solution that provides proactive protection, reduces your risk, and gives users the freedom to work from anywhere

What plan options are available?

 HP Proactive Security is available in a single plan that includes the isolation software and deep learning endpoint protection and provides access to security analytics and reports via the HP analytics dashboard. The plan also includes a managed service from HP with specialised cybersecurity experts to configure policies and monitor endpoint protection and to analyse threats for Windows 10, MacOS and Android devices to help you strengthen your security position

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